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Team on field is too weak and may be fined for deliberately losing on a next match.

Game guide

Neuronball is a game about building and coaching a team of robots playing matches in the worldwide Neuronball Championship. You start the game with a team of “Neurons”, hi-tech robots designed for bot-sports. You are responsible for selecting Neurons playing in your team, distributing skill points, choosing playing positions, upgrading technological components of your Neurons, activating boosters, buying and selling Neurons on the market. You will play live games on your city’s stadium and quickly progress until you can play on national or international stadiums against the top teams.

I. Your team of Neurons

Your team includes 1 to 20 Neurons, 5 of which can play a match simultaneously. Neurons are key to your success, you have to manage them carefully. Neurons have physical attributes of speed, acceleration and strength. They include a set of technological components that can be upgraded: battery, CPU and AI module. Neurons can be temporarily enhanced with boosters which will last for one match.

1. Attributes

Your Neurons will gain XP points (experience) after every match they play. When they reach a new level of experience, they will gain 10 points that you can assign to enhance their speed, acceleration or strength. Speed points make your Neuron faster. Acceleration points make your Neuron sharper, quicker to change direction. Strength allows your Neuron to shoot and struggle harder and prevents it from being stunned by impacts.

2. Components

Your Neurons include technological components that can be upgraded or replaced. The battery powers up your Neuron. Battery technologies differ by their capacity, their recharge time and the bonus points they can deliver to your Neuron. The AI module defines the type of playing actions of your Neuron (defensive, offensive … ) and how smart its choices will be. The CPU module is responsible for running the chosen AI module. When choosing a CPU technology, you should pay attention to battery consumption and to the operational range which defines how efficient your AI module will be. Beware of overheating!

3. Boosters and gains

Boosters enhance attributes or enable special abilities on the desired Neuron. You receive a booster as a reward after each win. You will also earn credits and “fast charges”.

4. Health and motivation

Your Neurons wear out and need to be repaired periodically. Their health range from 80% to 100%. The repair cost depends on the base cost of your Neuron and of its embedded components. The motivation of your Neuron ranges from 80% to 110% and directly depends on its recent history and of your team’s current NWL points. If your Neuron is used to playing high NWL matches and your team loses NWL, your Neuron’s motivation decreases a bit. Both health and motivation directly affect the 3 base parameters of your Neuron: acceleration, speed, strength.

II. The Championship

You will play live games against real other players sharing the same gaming experience as you. You will start playing on your city’s stadium and quickly progress until you can play on national or international stadiums against the top teams. You can play games as often as you want, provided that your Neuron’s batteries are charged.

1. Team rankings

Neuronball teams are ranked in the city, the region (or state) and the country in which they play. Teams are ranked by their amount of NWL points (NWL stands for Neuronball World League). The NWL points system is similar to the Elo system used in chess rankings.

2. City, Region and Country rankings

Your city will also be ranked against other cities in your region... your region will also be ranked in your country and your country in the world! By making progress in the championship, your team can thus help your city, region and country make it to the top of the world rankings!

III. The Market

You will be able to sell and buy Neurons on the market. Search the market for new types of Neurons that will bring you a competitive advantage. Develop your factory to build Neurons and sell them to others on the market to earn more credits. Market sales are subject to a 10% tax.

IV. Your team Headquarters

Your Headquarters give you the opportunity to enhance your team by increasing your XP and credit gains, allocating more Neuron slots, improving batteries and boosters, creating new types of Neurons and manufacturing fast charges.

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